My pals at Apple can't catch a break. If they sell out of a product, some say they have lost control of their supply chain. If they don't sell out, others say that demand is off. If the numbers are huge, it's a bubble waiting to pop or fanboys gone wild or some such. If demand is slow to start, it's a sign of a failed product.

WHAT IF the market is waiting to assess how to figure out a new product. There are the usual early adopters, some who want games. There are some deferred adopters trying to see how things fit for enterprise applications. And there are those who always wait because they always wait, like the guy who never takes the top newspaper in the pile. You know who he is: a little conservative, but a good, solid, value-driven consumer.

This is a race of hares and turtles, and they both win.


Tim Bray: "It's a sterile Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed lawyers."
  If the worst thing he has to say about Apple is that they know how to protect property rights, then perhaps he could be a spokesman for the company as it further penetrates the enterprise zone. Consumers get it, and are clearly willing to pay for it: a unified ecosystem which keeps weeds out of the garden. Property rights are the stuff of business, so  

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